New Leaf and Pierce Brosnan - 2 degrees of separation


Yesterday New Leaf took a day off. We hopped the ferry for Vancouver, enjoyed a walk on the sea wall in Stanley Park and fries at Horseshoe Bay with our daughter, and shopped and explored Granville Island. While there we stumbled upon New Leaf Editions and I couldn't resist having this photo taken. So appropriate.

I introduced myself to the owner who shared with me that there are several other "New Leaf" businesses in B.C. - a landscaper, interior designer, and others. And he also shared that last summer Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Keel Shaye Smith, stopped by. Apparently she too owns a business that begins with "New Leaf." A quick internet search revealed that she is President of New Leaf Productions Inc. What does this mean? Nothing really as although this famous couple stood on the same spot as I, it is only an interesting bit of trivia!

And today? I was back to work, writing a resume for a creative design consultant, writing an article for a local publication, and catching up on emails. But a day away to regenerate was great!