Is what you're reading reliable?

The internet has rendered encyclopedias, that once lined a bookshelf in every home, obsolete. It is a rich repository of amazing facts, ideas, advice, information of all kinds. But, it is also a repository rich in nonsense. How do you know that what you are reading is reliable, trust-worthy, effective?

The world of career management, as likely every category of knowledge, contains both. From truly basic info that most reasonable people know, to cutting edge advice on how to use technology to help your job search, to truly silly advice that would never pass an editor's scrutiny, it is all there.

Obviously there is no easy rule to follow in determining credibility, especially if you're a novice! How would you know? The best advice that I can give is that you must consider the source. Is the person credentialed? Is the person active on the internet, and with credible sites and affiliations? (To check, take the name + the person's title, i.e. resume writer, interview coach, career advisor, and "google!)

Here's an article - link below - that takes the guesswork out of the process. From, it lists the top 25 leadership blogs. Learn about leadership and workplace strategies from the best! I've signed up for a few myself. Working to your career success, Stephanie