Resume Questions on Capitalization

A recent question  posed by a professional resume writer has stirred my colleagues into a flurry of replies! The question was about the use of capitals in resumes. To clarify, the Overuse of Capitals in Resumes.

Yes, I've seen it as well. Offering free resume assessments, I've seen my share of the good, the bad and the downright ugly. The worst example I've ever seen had plenty of the bad: content that didn't impress, confusing writing, missing information ... but the worst was the use of italics. The entire resume, top to bottom was italicized in fancy font no less. (Wish I could recreate the line with the fancy font but my website's software doesn't allow!)

It was illegible.

Thankfully the resume's owner hired me and I got his resume straightened out. Not only was it illegible, but given that this was the resume of a burly tradesman, wow, the impression that fancy italicized font created didn't fit the person at all.

Back to capitals. I admit the rules governing capitalizations are fuzzy, complex, and can even vary here and there according to which grammar expert you consult. My recommendations are to capitalize titles - your Manager for example, and certainly place names and such, and the rest? Decapitate! Lop off those upper cases and stick to lower case. (It is my opinion that most recruiters are NOT grammarians! They are either sales professionals or human resource practitioners.)

And if you'd rather delegate the writing of your resume to a professional, I invite your inquiry about New Leaf's services. Working to your career success, Stephanie