Proofreed, proofreid, and then proofread again

This resume topic lingers, even with computers loaded with spell-check functions. It's because the English language contains words that look similar, have similar pronunciations, and just plain get mixed up in our minds, which are likely overloaded as we attempt to multi-task, but that's another topic!

This week, actually in the last 24 hours, I've come across two such errors in resumes that were submitted for my review.

In one, a Human Resource Generalist claimed to "interrupt employment legislation for senior management." Interpret was the word he was looking for.

And in the second resume, written by a very senior candidate indeed, a bullet in a prominent section titled Notable Achievements, claimed that she was an "Arthur and visionary." Followed up with the name of a book she had written it was obvious that this job hunter meant to write "author."

Now, these people know the difference between interrupt and interpret and Arthur and author, but methinks that they skipped a thorough, line by line, slow read through poofread - oops, proofread.

Give your resume another read, and try reading from back to front, or treat a friend to a coffee date in exchange for a review, to make sure that your foot-in-the-door resume, that's supposed to demonstrate your best-foot-forward and your intense, undeniable, passionate interest in landing a job, as error-free as humanly possible! Working to your career success, Stephanie