Never write another resume again

Well, I could be shooting myself in the foot with this blog post, but I'm willing to take that chance. After all, my goal/mission/vision/manifesto if you will, is to promote the idea that everyone deserves meaningful work, whether that means working for someone or for one's self.

I love what I do, a statement that I make over and over, as a means to inspire people to realize that it's never too late and a goal worth pursuing. Indeed, it's never too late. I finally began studying towards my ideal job when I was 45! And I have the coolest neighbour who at 60 retrained as a reflexoligist, and continues doing this part time at the age of 74. She is an inspiration. There are lots of us who start a second (third, fourth) career at a time when others are counting down to early retirement. But anytime is great if you're driven to self-employment or are an entrepreneur who is holding back for lack of resources, faith in your abilities, or societal pressures of some kind.

What led to this post? Chris Guillebeau's book "The $100 Startup."

The book features many entrepreneurs who began pretty much how I began my business. Very little capital (training, computer, website and business cards cover the major expenses), no need for financing, no need to hand out resumes, no need to apply. For those of you who long to manage your own day, have the self-discipline to stay focused and on-task, can handle the uncertainty that goes along with self-employment, are willing to wear many, many hats (bookkeeper, marketer, networker, record-keeper and countless others), it's an amazing way to make a living. It's not less work, but it's more fulfilling - at least for me!

If you hope to never write a resume again, check out this confidence-building book. And here's one more for you - it's the one that gave me the courage to set out on my self-employment adventure (along with my husband's role in pushing me off the ledge, leaving the illusion of "security" behind in favour of fulfillment, and my lovely daughters who said "Go for it mom"), Gladys Edmunds' "There's No Business Like Your Own Business."

Celebrating the diversity of work that's available to us, and working to your career success. Stephanie

p.s. if you have a question about self-employment, give me a shout! If I have an answer, I'll share.