Does everyone know how to write?

The answer seems self-evident. Of course not. Just like not everyone can sing in tune, perform in sports, conduct a sales presentations ... we all have different talents.

A lot of people seem to think that "writing a resume" is in a category of its own, where writing skills are not the critical element. I beg to differ! Today I received an offer for a business writing course (I subscribe to many newsletters and blogs, and this offer is aimed at management clients). The take-aways of the course are as follow:

  • Business writing that motivates readers to act
  • Common grammatical errors that make you look dumb
  • Writing "lean": Keys to cutting the fat

    Bingo! These are precisely the business writing standards to which I work when writing a client's resume. I work hard to motivate the reader/recruiter to act and move my client's resume to the interview pile; I ensure that my client doesn't look "dumb" with typos, grammatical errors, and spelling gaffes; and I do write lean, challenging myself to write with clarity and brevity, important in our world of shortening attention spans and limited character communications!

    Do I succeed in motivating readers to act, eliminating errors and writing lean and clean? Read my clients' testimonials to find out for yourself! Working to your career success, Stephanie