The Job Search and the Baby Bump

I know a woman who was "relieved of her duties" from a major women's clothing chain back in the 1970s when she announced she was soon to sport a baby bump. Fired when preggers is no fun, and with nausea, tiredness, food intolerances and all the other discomforts that go with pregnancy, she chose not to fight it.

Don't worry as she had the last laugh - job hunting soon after giving birth, she landed a plum job with a leading retailer (which led to more and more wonderful positions culminating as CAO), and the retailer that fired her went under!

The news is abuzz with stories of a modern day pregnancy of the new Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer. Six months pregnant, she has made the news for more than her appointment. Isn't it amazing that although a woman can now be pregnant and keep working, it can actually make the news? We've made some progress, but I'm sure there are still companies that would consider firing an employee for becoming pregnant. Thankfully our laws make that difficult now.

Just for the record, last Saturday's Globe and Mail, Globe Careers article stated "In Canada, a woman carries no legal obligation to disclose a pregnancy, whether or not she is up for a promotion or a new job." Just so you know.