What makes a resume more than a position description?

I think that over the years this topic comes up again and again. And to give our neighbours to the south credit, they do a much better job than we Canadians of managing careers. It may be our reluctance, humble Canadians that we are, to toot our own horns.

It's perhaps this reluctance to appear that we are boasting that paralyzes us when writing our resumes into sharing a basic list of the "what" of our work.

Sorry job hunters, but that's not going to cut through the cacaphony of the many candidates against whom you are competing.

Consider this: According to a beSatisfied Resume Rewrite Impact Survey, job seekers who had a new resume created by a professional (as opposed to using their own) were 31% more likely to get an interview, and 40% more likely to land a job. Much better odds. (And I would suggest that depending on who you hire, how much exertise that professional has, the percentages would be higher yet.)

Had that survey delved into job search duration, it would undoubtedly have found that an outstanding resume that contains not just the "what" of your work, but the "how" and "how well," shortens the job search. I've had many clients land jobs almost immediately, to within a few months (it depends on where they live and how saturated their field of expertise is) - and this was often after many months of job hunting with their original resume.

Food for thought!