Work Life Balance

Readers who have been following will know that in May my husband Richard and I relocated from Ontario to British Columbia. We now live on Vancouver Island.

Oh my! When the sun shines we are in paradise. The air smells sweet, the light is clearer, people are joyful, the energy is palpable. I say when the sun shines, as I have yet to go through a winter here. Apparently from about November to February, it rains a lot. Not pouring rain necessarily, but drizzle. That means it's a bit dark, not sunny, and it's less pleasant to walk, which we are currently doing daily. Well, we'll see! (I am preparing to source out classes, interest groups and other social activities to get me through.)

One of our favourite walks is to the harbour. Such activity! Sea planes, sail boats and fishing boats, kayakers, and ferries from tiny toy-like to large vehicle-carrying ones. People, local and tourists, stroll the walkways, and birds from smallish seagulls to large eagles, cruise above.

Sometimes we park ourselves on a bench and people watch, plane watch, boat watch or even watch the otters slipping in and out of the water. When the tide goes out, I love to clambour over the beach in search of unusual rocks, shells or driftwood. Several times we have passed a doe and her fawn, making their way too close to the harbour in low tide, only to be driven back by the activity.

It's not hard to balance time between work and life in this gorgeous environment, where views of snow-capped mountains pop out at almost every bend in the road, and where there is simply so much to do that even if you don't know what's going on, you stumble upon something going on somewhere!

I honestly think that my work is benefitting from my making sure that each and every day I take time to chill out, do not much of anything, appreciate my surroundings, and regenerate my energy. Yup, I'm a happy girl! Wishing all a wonderful weekend, Stephanie