Scenic Tours and Mapping Mishaps

I often say that I enjoy "scenic tours." It's a defence mechanism! I don't like staying still and will avoid traffic jams, hence navigating unknown streets and travelling a scenic tour.

And sometimes my map-reading skills are not so great! So scenic tour becomes a substitute for "I got us lost. Again."

(It's funny, you know, because before I met my husband of 12 years, Richard, I read maps very well and really didn't get lost. Since meeting Richard my map reading skills suffered. It's especially odd when you consider that Richard is a retired mapping technician. Mmmhhmm - weird eh?)

So it was on Sunday. Off we drove to run a few errands and then hike a new-to-us area, Morrell Nature Sanctuary. As we left Michaels (I am an avid crafter), I said "Take the expressway as it will be much faster."

Well, a half hour and huge loop later, we did arrive there. Had I checked I might have realized that there was no exit for the street, and had I thought about it, I would have recalled that Richard read off directions that included the phrase "proceed along the underpass" but oh well. We did indeed have a scenic tour. And Morrell Nature Sanctuary? The scent of the evergreen needle carpet, spongy beneath our steps, encouraged deep inhalations, followed by long sighs of contentment. We will go back. It is primal, and reminded me of scenes from the movies Avatar and Fern Gully. It is a raw and wild place.

As we entered the sign said it all. "Bears have been sighted. Be prepared."