Do you need a degree?

Recently I read an article on what a few famous people think of degrees. Is a degree, they muse, essential to becoming a "C" level executive?

Bill Gates doesn't have one, and Warren Buffet's kids don't have degrees. And I have plenty of successful clients who don't have degrees or specific accreditations. What they do have is an appreciation for natural talents in music, technology, writing, business, sales etc., as well as a belief in their abilities.

They do not allow naysayers to deter their commitment and they find employers who value ability and success on the job rather than struggle with employers who confuse credentials with real ability. Come on, we all know someone who is a teacher, fully credentialed and who can't teach, doesn't like kids, thwarts learning, or an IT support person who has to check a manual because he or she has no intuitive sense of IT problem solving.

Some people get stuck doing something they don't like and can't seem to see their way out of that. So they bumble along, unhappy, not terribly good at what they do, getting by by performing under the radar (not attracting positive attention, but not negative either) ... when who knows? Maybe they could have been the next degree-less "C" level executive!