Interview Magic

Some of the best information comes from my clients. For example, one client, a young professional, really knew how to "work" relationship management in an interview. Granted he was a sales professional, and sales is all about relationship building, but he made a great point. It's essential to establish a rapport by chit-chatting about the company's community activities, green initiatives or even the hiring manager's obvious fondness for cycling.

And today a business development executive shared a methodology for developing a great interview answer, and I'm happy to share it with you here.

1. Summarize situation

2. State idea

3. Tell them how it works

4. Share a few key benefits

5. Offer an easy next step

Now this won't work with every question, but it could certainly be put to use with a "what would you do in this situation" behavioural question. If someone were to ask me how I would handle a certain type of resume client, I could definitely use this "formula."

Jot these down and challenge yourself to come up with an interview question that you've been asked to which this could apply. And then challenge yourself to build a dynamic, wow-the-interview-team reply! Working to your career success, Stephanie