The Job Search on Speed

I caught a new episode of 60 Minutes on the weekend - well, actually, we watch it weekly, but summer is rerun season. This episode was new to me, and I was glued to the television!

It featured Joe Carbone, President and CEO of The Workplace, who has had great success in helping people land jobs - even those who have been out of work for a few years and who are obviously no longer younglings! Mr. Carbone was clearly emotional as he spoke of the many, many Americans who continue to be denied jobs simply because they are not currently employed.

As he inferred, it is wrong, un-American, and undefendable. (My thoughts run like this: beware Karma boomerang high and mighty recruiter-types.)

His approach is not magic, it is no special formula. It involves strategy and getting out from behind that darn computer! It is closely aligned with what I share with my job-hunting clients.  

I had a client who landed four contracts in a row, one of which came through with a full-time job. How? By picking up the phone, and preparing an introduction that clearly demonstrated her value. Another client landed a job simply by asking a local businessman if he needed any help. The businessman called him a few days later with a temp job ... but we all know how temp jobs can and do lead to full time opportunities! And even if this one doesn't, it's a paycheque and a current job to add to the resume. Another enterprising young woman took to heart the informational meeting strategy and quickly set up coffee and lunch meetings to research and identify possible positions. Transitioning out of self-employment she landed a plum corporate position!

You can speed up that job search by applying strategy to your resume and job search tactics. Strategy is not taught in schools, and not taught in all career centres. If you need help, consider New Leaf Resumes - passionate about career management, I also believe that everyone deserves meaningful work. As for strategy? That's where the "magic" lies.