Trying Something New

I am on a blog-writing spree today! Posted a new blog at and at And here I am at my own website's blog, writing away.

Writing is my thing, and career management is my topic of passionate engagement.

Today I want to tell you a fun story that begins yesterday evening at about 8:30. The phone rang and it was our next-door neighbour. Recently retired, she is an avid kayaker and is out kayaking more than she's home! (Vancouver Island is perfect for this activity.)

She had lost her car keys on this trip, and wondered if I could forward her spare keys to her destination. "I need you to break into my home" she said. And so I did! A new experience for me, obviously, and one that required that I climb a partition, again, not something that at over 50 I do on a regular basis!

But it was fun. Not because I enjoyed the breaking in, but simply because it was quite different from my usual evening activity. The task tested my physical flexibility and balance. And it sure felt great to help out a neighbour.

I think it's important to get out of our boxes on a regular occasion, feel integrated, alive, useful and challenged. At home and at work.

Just this week I took on a new challenge that was work-related - I participated in a survey related research project. Given over 100 answers to a career-related question, I categorized respondents' answers for a report to be developed by Career Thought Leaders. It required a sort of "tangential" thinking that I had no real experience with, but I did it! It felt great to accomplish something new.

Now I am eagerly looking for something else that will introduce me to my own capabilities! What's that saying about the simplest pleasures being the best? So true.