My Tribe of Women

Yesterday I hosted a small business brainstorming session. By chance (or perhaps it's fate?) every small business owner that I've met and connected with is a woman. Our group ranges in age from 30-ish to receiving a pension.

We met to help one another with perplexing business questions, mostly to do with acknowledging our worth, defining what we do in words that our potential clients will understand, and attracting a bit more business. Anyone who is self-employed will understand the roller coaster ride that is self-employment: the downs that feel like a sucker-punch in the gut when business is slow or clients cantankerous, and the highs that send us soaring like an eagle when clients arrive in a steady stream, praise our services, and send us referrals.

We had a blast, laughed, shed the odd tear, ate goodies and doodled in colour! The ideas flowed like the smoothest of wines, and the energy? The air sizzled!

Our group represented the formal arts and helping arts. Mary Ann hosts writing circles (writing your life) and is also a fine poet, Sarah is a graphic artist turned furniture rescuer who also has a way with words, Penny is a fine artist who is also a romantic poet, Rie is a pianist and piano teacher who is also a scholar of Japanese literature, Rebecca is an editor who also writes remarkable poetry, Katie is a holistic nutritionist and life-enhancing - as in "helps you get unstuck" - mentor who also rides horses, and me - a resume writer who also loves to bead.

Our advice ranged from the plainly stated "charge more," to the sublime "those words don't capture what you really do." Each of us was sent off with homework, and we will meet again to continue supporting one another, enhancing our community's business environment, and growing in commaraderie and friendship.

This Tribe of like-minded women inspire me, and their friendship fills me with gratitude. A grass-roots group has an amazing ability to re-energize one's drive. Have a relaxing and re-energizing weekend all! Working to your career success, Stephanie