Tell 'em what you're gonna tell 'em

There's a general rule for creating presentations:

1. Tell them what you're going to tell them.

2. Now tell them.

3. Now tell them what you told them.

It's a nifty way of remembering to create an introduction, the content, and a wrap-up. Much the same concept can be applied to a resume and cover letter! Here's how.

The profile - that paragraph or paragraph/point form combo that replaced the objective statement's top billing - is like number one above. It should tell the reader what you're going to tell them in the resume's content. It's like a synopsis of the resume which is a synopsis of your work.

Now, the resume proper, those bullets under each job, is number two. You tell them. Here you share the "meat and potatoes," the juicy info that conveys what you did and how well you did it.

And then the cover letter could be seen as the "tell them what you told them." Of course it should be more eloquent than that, and far more strategic, but in short, that's it!

If you need resume help, you can always rely on New Leaf's expertise. We'd be happy to tell 'em on your behalf! Working to your career's success, Stephanie