The Fast Pace of Change in the Workplace

It's likely no surprise to anyone that change is constant. Communication is now instant texting (that's how I keep in touch with my daughters), international recipes are available online rather than exclusively in hard copy books, and bird watchers have apps that identify bird songs.

Of course change is no less rampant in the workplace. In fact, a survey by Accenture Canada, a business consultant, found that 63 per cent of Canadian workers were expected to learn new skills within the last five years. However, only 27 per cent provided the required learning.

This leaves workers in a precarious position. If you don't undertake your own training, you may one day find yourself unemployed and unemployable!

I love learning and take courses throughout the year. I must if I am to advise and serve my clients with any authority! Changes are no less rampant in career management than elsewhere. Think Applicant Tracking Systems, online presence, and Graphic Resumes for starters!

Whose responsibility is it, anyways, to understand what is changing and what is needed? Is it yours, the workers, or theirs, the employers? If you are serious about career management, don't even ask - take initiative, be proactive, and manage your career. Stay up to date by subscribing to your professional publications, join on-line groups of like-credentialed workers, ask questions and yes, pay for your own training if you must. It's your career and thus your responsbility. And, with this up-to-date training and knowledge you are a valuable commodity. That means you either get to keep your job or once let go, you are highly desireable. And what that means is that you can command a higher salary.

My "Gold Leaf" clients receive a value-packed resource - How to Negotiate Salary and Raises - with their resume/cover letter package. I believe in the power of career management and in empowering my clients for success! All the best, Stephanie