Choosing a Career

That's me on a section of the Trans-Canada Trail that goes by the frightening name of The Abyss! After scrambling to the top of a ridge - an ungroomed, slippery slope full of rock, roots and other perils - hikers are rewarded with this incredible site - an earthquake fissure!

Yes, you read that correctly. I've overcome a lot of fears to do this - fear of heights (and depths!), fear of spiders - and I'm so glad that I have as wooohooo! what a rush to climb incredible heights and gaze into incredible depths.

Choosing a career can seem like this - daunting, fear-laden. I know, I've been there too. In fact, I didn't choose a real "career" until I was 45. Up until then, I took whatever job I could land - in retail, hospitality, administration, supply teaching.

Sometimes I decline to work with a potential client because the person has no idea what kind of job they'd like to land. Without a target, I have no goal. Without a goal, there is no strategy. And without strategy, an effective resume can't happen and the client's success is unlikely. (I won't charge good money for a product in which I have no confidence.)

To manage your career, you must know what you want to do! 

That's the link to a free mini-career assessment. Although it's not comprehensive, who knows? It may clarify something for a few lucky people.

But if you really aren't sure what you want to do, I urge you to find a career counsellor who can walk you through a process and provide some guidance. Know that this isn't instant and that you have to do the work, but know too, that it is worth the effort.

Or you might pick up "what next?" by Barbara Moses, Ph.D. Recognized as Canada's Career Guru, Ms. Moses provides practical and user-friendly advice.

Working to your career's success, Stephanie (ah, those hills beckon!)