The Importance of Being Equipped


My husband and I have been building our hiking muscles on city streets and in city parks for four months. Now, keep in mind that Vancouver Island is not flat where we live; a walk in any direction from our home requires trudging up and down some fine slopes. Our goal is to tackle real hills, aka mountains, with time.

Well, a hike-loving friend's upcoming visit has revved up our timeline and we had to get serious.

So we purchased real hiking boots with ankle supports and incredible treads (those are mine in the photo!), bear whistles, and a water bag. And we headed to Witchcraft Lake from where we could access the trail to the top of Mount Benson.

Within minutes we wished we had added hiking poles as the terrain challenged even our mighty treaded hikers! Resourceful, we found a couple of tree branches that would suffice and continued. Every 40 metres or so, we stopped to catch our breath. A couple passed us on their way down after not even reaching the mid-point of this 3 km, 4 hour trek. Another couple passed us, descending after reaching the quarter point.  These couples were in their twenties ... and even they hadn't made it to the top!

I suggest that their not reaching the summit is related more to a lack of equipment than strength. They were not properly outfitted - they sported runners rather than hikers, and held no walking poles or branches. They were slipping their way down, which is not a good idea in this rough, non-groomed, remote and unpatroled terrain!

And so, dear job hunter, it is with the job hunt! Those who are well equipped get further than those who seem to have more going for them, but proceed on bravado alone!

How does one equip for the job hunt, you ask!? With exceptional foundational documents - resume and cover - to start. Then you can add a job hunt plan, interview coaching, a Linked In presence - there are many additional tools and equipment to add!

Working to your career's success! - Stephanie