When at first you don't succeed ...

should you "try, try again"? Well, it depends is, I think, the most logical answer. The guest blog post below provides great advice and this advice applies not only to getting your computer to "behave," but also applies to job search behaviour.

After reading that title you may think- how, exactly, does a computer smack someone in the face?

Let me tell you...

I have been doing some (alot) of work to my website over the past week, after going through a slight existential crisis that had me floundering & not knowing how to accurately describe what I did.

Anyway, after slipping in to a mild & short lived depression that had me confused about almost everything, it all came to me! Well, some of it came to me and other things came from friends & family. Basically it all just fell into place on happy day :)

Immediately following that happy day I realized I had a TON of work to do on my website. Like by a TON I mean I had to re do the entire thing.


I am not proficient at anything technology based. I'm good with PEOPLE dammit! Computers confuse, and sometimes scare me. They have minds of their own, and do things I haven't told them to do, and then also refuse to do the very simple little things I DO want them to do!

Now, let me say this.

I understand that I don't speak "computer". By this I mean, computers are programmed to do exactly what we tell them to do, when we give them the right commands. Translate: when I speak in a language they understand, they respond appropriately.

Here is where my computer smacked me in the face.

I was trying to do something, and kept giving it the same command over & over & over...I'm sure if it had a voice it would have said "LADY!! Give it up already!! Haven't you figured out that I don't understand what you want me to do?? How many times are you going to try the same thing over & over, getting the same results, and expect something different to happen???"

Right. Smack.

For something that's not working to work, we have to try something different than what we were doing that didn't work! (Yeah I know, I could have formed that sentence better but I have been on the computer for about 2 solid days and am not feeling like I have the capacity to be very grammatically correct or articulate or whatever category bad sentence structure would fall under! hahaa!)

Ok. So. Lesson? Yes. If something isn't working for you, try going about it in a different way, and see if you don't get a different result :)

Enough-I'm getting off this thing for the rest of the night...but if you have a sec, and you feel so compelled, browse around my site & let me know what you think! There's even a page called "the magic"... ;)

- Courtesy of Ms. Catherine Cher, www.catherinecher.com

Are you getting the connection to career management? If you're sending the same resume, and not getting calls to interviews, if you're interviewing time and again and not landing the job offer, might you concede that something isn't working. Might you concede that you should change something up?

Just saying ...

Working to your career's success, Stephanie :-)