My "why"

I love to do something most people really, really dislike, put off, avoid, and compare to having painful dental work: I love to write resumes!

I can hear the virtual "why" being asked across the country! LOL

Why indeed do I love writing resumes? Well, it's because this activity combines a passion for career management and a talent for writing (which I do daily, much of the time writing blogs and articles for which I do not get paid - that's when you know you're in the right job!).

Likely the passion for managing one's career evolved from my own career, or lack thereof! For years I languished in jobs that didn't fit my talents or interests. Not a particularly influential speaker and a bit on the shy or hesitant side, I worked unsuccessfully in retail sales. Fairly self-organized, but not one who likes to organize anyone elses' stuff or life, I did reasonably well as an administrative assistant. Not one who enjoys telling others what to do, I was an unproductive manager (that didn't last long).

Finally, finally - at the age of 50! - I figured out what I could do well, a role in which I could be useful to others, a position that required my self-discipline, fondness for playing with words and taming unruly grammar and spelling, and considerable ability to learn and apply skills related to owning one's own business! Eureka!

Of this experience was born my "why." I want others to discover the joy that comes from working to one's talents, to experience the personal satisfaction that follows real success, and to look forward to going to work each day, whether that means commuting by car or strolling to your home office.

I truly believe that everyone deserves meaningful work, and I believe just as strongly that it's not too late to start, and that no matter what the obstacles before you, where there is a will there is a way.

Thanks for reading! - working to YOUR career's success, Stephanie