How young must a job hunter look?

Today's blog is in response to an article I read about the need to project a youthful vibe on the job. The writer, in my opinion, goes a bit too far.

I have to come clean and say that it was her lesson on greying hair that got to me; obviously I took it a bit personally as I wear my abundant white hair with pride! In her article "How not to look old at work," the author exhorts us to not allow our grey hair to go "frizzy and uncontrollable."

She suggests that "Women can hide sagging necks with chunky jewelry that frames the face," and she urges men to get tailored slacks so that "if they wear pants that fit around an expanding waistline the rear view doesn’t look like they’re hauling around a parachute."

I feel bad even quoting those two lines! I guess hyperbole gets attention.

Contrast this point of view with the following. Each Sunday my husband and I watch 60 Minutes, which provides in-depth journalistic reviews of notable events, people, and controversies around the globe. Not only are some of the presenters showing their age, but many of the interviewed pundits, experts, and respected interviewees similarly reveal their age. Yes, sagging necks, droopy eyelids, grey hair and non-ultra-white teeth are front and centre. Even many of the young leaders have less-than-perfect teeth or frizzy hairstyles.

Are we really becoming that focused on appearance that we cannot see beyond wrinkles and other normal signs of aging? Must we all follow in Joan Rivers' footsteps and hide our sagging under clothes while presenting an unnatural "face" to the world?

I hope not.

I prefer to urge people to stay fit for their well-being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Age gracefully. Embrace your age. Otherwise we risk growing old before we must, and we risk aging with an attitude of resentment rather than grace, which I'm pretty sure will show in facial expresssions, communication style and physical demeanour.

What's your opinion on this topic?

If you'd like to read the entire article, here is the link.

I am climbing down from my soap-box now. I prefer to celebrate my age, like our wrinkly canine friend in the photo!