The critical importance of focus

For too many years, I floundered from a career aspect. I tried office jobs and retail, and even owned my own little store - a bead store! (Read my story here.) But nothing "stuck," or if it did stick, I didn't like it! What did I lack? Focus.

And so today, as I read through some of the many blogs and newsletters I subscribe to, I came across two notions for the need to focus.

In "The Power of Focus," written by Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen and Les Hewitt, in this 10th Anniversary Edition, the writers cite that the number one reason that stops people from succeess is a lack of focus.

And another blog I read just yesterday noted that job hunt success comes from alignment, confidence and tactics. And the writer had used the term alignment as a knowing what job your skills suited, or being focused on a well-defined career goal or objective.

These thoughts bring to mind a client from way-back. He eventually had a resume for three roles: truck driver, customer service, and retail manager. Not knowing what he really wanted to do, unsure of where his authentic desire lay, unable to focus on one role, he has bounced from job to job with more off-time than work time. His "career" is a flop simply because he hasn't focused in one one career. That means that he hasn't developed skills that would propel him in that field, hasn't made connections that might help, hasn't earned any wonderful results or accomplishments to share on his resume.

Focus is key to your career.

As for my own floundering career, it took off once I honed in on writing as my main skill, and identified a passion for the study and promotion of a self-managed career. I went, within one year's time, from being a mediocre administrative assistant to senior managers (hard to admit to mediocrity, but there it is) to being an award winning resume writer.

If you are unsure of your own path, you owe it to your wellbeing - emotional, psychological, physical and financial - to figure this stuff out! I don't provide this service, and sourcing a talented career counsellor is up to you, but it's a worthwhile investment in a future that will evolve with grace and strength, rather than flip flop unattractively.

Working to your career's success, Stephanie