Problem solving and your resume

Every job out there has a problem to solve ... or several. Once you know what problem you are solving, writing your resume becomes a whole lot easier.

For example, an engineer must solve clients' design issues, and must do so while keeping safety and ethical issues in mind - and that takes a whole lotta skills! An admin assistant must solve organizational problems, and keep her boss on schedule, organized with documents and deadlines, and make him or her look really great -and that takes a completely different set of skills!

Health and Safety officers improve health and safety, and recruiters must recruit. Some are easy to figure out, and others are a bit more convoluted.

But figure it out you must! Defining the problem solving will be the catalyst that shoots you front and centre as THE number one candidate to fill an opening. Articulating the "how" of your problem solving in your resume, cover letter, and finally interview, will make you an amazingly easy first choice!

Here's why. If I were to say "I provide administrative support to three senior management," that's pretty standard right? But if I told you "My admininstrative support, in maintaining schedules, organizing work to meet dealines, and maintaining accurate and up-to-date filing, ensured that all of my three management bosses met every deadline and arrived organized and prepared at the 300+ meetings that the three attended last year" would you not be immediately more interested in me as a candidate?

Yes, job hunters! That's the standard to which you must aspire in articulating why you're a great hire! Each job has problems that the employee is expected to identify, prevent, and solve - what's yours?

Working to YOUR career's resounding success, Stephanie