You know, for too many years I did work that I didn't enjoy. I filed documents, made bagel sandwiches, cut fabric, sliced meat and cheese, worked a cash register, washed bathrooms and floors, created PowerPoint presentations, attended (boring) meetings, and worked in a tiny office with a woman who clearly didn't enjoy my company! Yes, I've done many things, some somewhat okay and others that were decidedly yucky! 

But now, I spend my days speaking to people who are having trouble navigating the recruitment process, and helping them out with useful ideas, interviewing clients to ensure I have "meaty" info to use on their resumes, and then writing their resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and so on.

I love what I now do, and am ever so grateful to the many who choose to allow me to create their foundational job search documents - it is a joy and an honour to write these!

For some reason, I was filled with gratitude today and needed to express a heartfelt thank you to my wonderful clients! and to fate for steering me in this direction! and to my husband who "pushed me over the edge," allowing me to quit a traditional job to strike out on my own! and to my daughters who encouraged me as well!

My heart is happy.

- Stephanie :-)