Executive Job Search

The other day I received a referral from an executive level client with whom I've worked on and off for several years now. Her colleague wrote:

"I have experience with one company only - am worried that this will scare potential employers away. Looking for some sound advice!"

It's not the first time I have been asked this question, and I replied to her with these words:

You mention worrying about scaring employers, and this leads to a valuable bit of insight into job search psychology: convey that worry and you've made it so! It's like that little train that chugs "I know I can." Were he to chug "I can't," he of course wouldn't!

It's all in how you frame it and how you refocus attention away from "one long-time employer" to the many different projects and  committee work to which you have contributed, or a variety of accountabilities and titles ? Lots of ways to emphasize what we want people to perceive about us.
Perception can be influenced, steered away from the perception of a "lack" of diversity to a background rich in experience. Along with the above, my now new client worked at local, regional and national levels with this one, but very large, employer, and held progressively senior roles. We will find more richness of diversity as our work continues.
As for what distinguishes her employment record? I've yet to determine this critical piece. The resume she shared was more of a position description, rather than an accomplishment-based resume. We shall see what her particular "brand," or "sweet spot" might be - what skills and talents intersect with market needs and make her a highly desireable employee!
Working to YOUR career's success, Stephanie