Before and After

You know (and if you've read several of my blog posts, you'll know!), most resumes that I see, i.e. those "before" samples, are pretty dismal. They are non-specific, read more like a job description and exert little to no positive influence on the reader. They do NOT inspire action.

So, I thought, why not share a few before and after examples? Here's the first!

A recent client wrote:

"Demonstrate leadership through internal training of junior and intern level staff members."

You're probably thinking "heck, that's not bad ... it's better than some of the bullets on my resume!"

And yet, it could be so much stronger.

We were able to break that one bullet into a few bullets, ones that more clearly defined my client's value. Here are two:

"Conducted role-playing sales training to increase revenues through add-on sales as product complement expanded from five service packages to 20."


"Requested by management to assist with problem solving and mentoring, especially in regards to legalities; co-wrote or created, for example, prepaid funds and tax related guides and updates."

Both were directly related to the client's career goal.

Revisit your own resume and see if you can reword a few bullets to be more specific to what, exactly, you did and thus better define your value!

Working to your career success, and to recreating resumes from dull to vibrant, lacklustre to sparkling, ineffective to action-spurring!! - Stephanie :-)