The Job Search and Web Presence

Twice this week I have been asked questions about the job hunter's need for a web presence.

Yes, this is absolutely necessary if only because recruiters reliably conduct an online search of your name to see what comes up. They have some minimum expectations, but they also look for "digital dirt," or not so flattering entries. After all, before they spend time interviewing, they want to ensure they have called the best candidates to the table, and technology assists them in this process.

So what does the savvy career transitioner require?

One of the two questions posed was this: do I need a personal website? In general I would answer this with a "no, not necessary." A personal website, to be effective, would need to be professionally designed and written. Similar to video clips, we are so used to seeing and reading excellent content and smart designs, that poorly written content on a less-than attractive site, like a video that makes one look hokey or amateurish, just won't cut it.

Also, for a personal website to feel energetic, it would need to be updated regularly with new info, like a blog about a course recently completed, a work-related book review, and other professional content. Not too many are willing to go to this length or cost. A personal website would be ideal for someone who is looking for a job related to website development, or a creative type that would share videos, art, writing, graphic designs and so on.

The second question was in the form of a request. A senior professional asked for a Facebook page. I suggested that this is completely unnecessary. And I stick by that; in fact, I wouldn't do a Facebook page. I do own a professional Facebook page, but this client is not self-employed.

(BTW, I would so very much appreciate if you would "like" my New Leaf FB page, recently professionally updated with a lovely design! Click here to link. I'll be posting career related special offers from that site that you won't want to miss!)

But yes, the job hunter / career transitioner must have an online presence and for now, it's LinkedIn all the way! This is free, user-friendly, and it has features that allow you to create a robust presence that will attract recruiters and appease HR's need to pre-approve interview candidates.

Here's a link to a very informative nine minutes that explains the value of LinkedIn use.If you're job hunting, don't skip that video!

To come full circle in this synchronicity of web related job hunt changes, a recent client emailed me that she was contacted on LinkedIn by a recruiter and she has a job interview today. She was grateful for my assistance in composing her LinkedIn headline and summary, as she had not sent a resume at all; in fact, she had no idea this employer was looking for a Bookkeeper! Without a top notch LinkedIn presence, the recruiter would not have found her!

Today the effective job hunt relies even more on the internet to fulfill the need for a web presence. So how's your LinkedIn profile reading?

- serving job hunters with reasoned and seasoned suggestions, Stephanie