100 Job Search Tips - and it's absolutely free of charge!

It's that time of year when we enjoy the gift of giving, and no less so here at New Leaf!

If you're job hunting or otherwise in career transition, you may benefit from an 11 page report available right here on my website. It will be posted until perhaps the New Year.

You'll find it on the Career Article page - it's the first entry - 100 Job Search Tips.

Covering areas such as Social Media, Networking, How to Dress and lots more, it offers tips to make your efforts more effective. Some may not apply, but I bet you that most will. Some you may already be using but you'll undoubtedly find more that you've not considered!

The job search takes strategy, and that is one piece that I honestly feel most job hunters don't incorporate into their plans.

Strategy is defined as "plan of action resulting from strategy or intended to accomplish a specific goal" and "art and science of planning and marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use." Originally based on military goals, job hunting can sure feel like a battle. Certainly we can feel "battle-weary" when in a job hunt, and I speak from experience.

What kind of plan and strategy do you have? What are the resources you're marshalling? Do you have a strategic resume? Have you considered what your interview strategy will be? These are key questions for an effective, productive, speedier road to the coveted job offer.

I hope you find ideas that will inspire hope and instigate action. Do let me know if you are inspired!

- working to eliminate mediocrity and promote excellence in resumes, cover letters, and interviews! Stephanie