Sources of Hire

Job Search Research 2013, conducted by CareerXroads, is now out. Sources of Hire is posted on their website and I urge you to look it up.

It seems a bit disheartening at first. If 42% of those hired are current employees, where does that leave the person determined to change employers? And if being referred increases your chances of being hired up to four times (wow!), where does that leave the job hunter who is too shy to network or is new to the field?

Even if these statistics are true (and given the company's recognition as experts quoted by Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and NBC there's no reason to doubt), they are only part of the whole story.

The research also investigated external hires and demonstrated how these came to be - from job fairs, job boards, rehires and even walk-ins!

As for job boards, Indeed outscored them all at this time.

So what can the average job hunter do to boost chances? In my opinion, there are three components:

1. Compose a tight resume, one that unfailingly proves why you are a great hire for that position.

2. Back up the resume with a LinkedIn profile (or other online profile, but LinkedIn scores well in terms of being found) that affirms the resume's content with new language and details.

3. Be prepared to express - verbally - who you are, who you serve, what problems you solve and the value you bring to your next employer.

These steps will ensure that you are not eliminated, and that you stand a chance!

If you need help with these, New Leaf is here to be of service!

- staying current to support your job search, Stephanie