Number One Interview Concern

Each Saturday my husband and I pick up a Globe and Mail while out on our daily walk. I so enjoy its weekend edition. I love the Focus section for its in-depth review of topics, timely or esoteric, and I enjoy the Style section, even though for me it's over the top! (I am not a fashionista nor do I wear makeup!)

Of course I always read the Business section and particularly Leah Eichler's career article.

Last Saturday's article was titled "Why chemistry will help you land your next job." This aspect of interviewing is under-appreciated and it's one that all my interview coaching clients learn about. But even I hadn't realized how critical this piece really is!

According to a recent study, the interview process resembles how we choose friends or romantic partners; apparently recruiters prefer candidates who share similar pursuits and personal style. Thus a "shared culture often outweigh(s) any productivity concerns about a new hire." 

What!? A new hire's "fit" matters more than productivity! Wow, that's critical.

So what is the job hunter to do? Pretend to be a cross-country skier just because that's the boss's passion? Allude to loving opera when he really loves good old R&R? Let the interviewer think she watches Housewives of (whatever) just because there's a weekly lottery pool based on who is most outrageous in that week's episode?

Not at all. As I tell my interview coaching clients: Be Yourself! The article states it so well:

"Whether it's on a date or in a job interview, there's no point in presenting a fake version of yourself only to disappoint in the future." (quote from Sarah Vermunt, a business and career coach based in Toronto)

I agree wholeheartedly! Just be yourself. Pretense has a way of catching up with you, and may cast doubt on your honesty. Not worth it. Either they like you or not; let the chips fall where they may.

But do share your passion for the work, your enthusiasm for contributing to team efforts, and your dedication to ongoing learning through self-study, webinars, teleseminars, subscriptions etc. And do leave time for "chit-chat," so that you come across as a real live human being, not just a productive employee!

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