Innovative Resume Ideas

Once you've paid your dues with lower end jobs, once you have proven your abilities with bottom-line related accomplishments, when you are eager to jump a rung on your career ladder, your resume cannot read like the typical resume.

What's the value in using low-energy verbs such as responsible for, coordinated, supported?

Are you not ready to "own" your value by admitting that you streamlined, slashed costs, identified a new revenue source, influenced the decision-makers or mitigated a disaster even!?

Who said the resume must be a list of bullets only? How much better might your resume read if it highlights, for example, a few major projects in which you were involved or which you led?

There are no resume rules that dictate these details; there are no resume police who monitor resume formats; but there are opportunities for getting noticed with a unique approach. The approach has to make sense, given your employment. If your work is not project driven, the above may not work.

If your work is process driven, you can outline your methodology.

If you support others, share how you've made that support seamless.

If it's all about customer service, don't focus exclusively on "what" you did, refocus attention on "how and how well" you provided service.

If you're a teacher, include a Philosophy of Teaching and then show your philosophy "in action" in the bullets.

If you're changing careers completely, say from bartending to sales, don't waste valuable resume real estate talking about how clean you keep your work station, tell me about how you upsell!

Challenge yourself to step outside that confining resume box! Apply strategy rather than rules! Surprise (and maybe wake up!) recruiters! Get excited about your career and get noticed!