Turns out mama was right: you get what you pay for

Today I received an email from a potential client who had elected to try out a "cheap" resume service. After finding that the end result was, in the person's own words, "worse than the original," the potential client was once again exploring options.

You know, I have to be frank and ask why would you entrust your career, your earning potential, your future to a service that branded itself as "cheap"?

The word "cheap" conjures up visions of dollar store purchases that don't last, or of that inexpensive hair-cut that has you wearing a hat for a month! Part of me "gets it." After all, I'm human and have given in to the lure of saving money. But it does depend on what. I'm perplexed as to why anyone would think "cheap" is great when it comes to their career!

As the old adage says so well "you get what you pay for."

So what, you may be asking yourself is the difference between a "cheap" reusme service (and believe it or not, there are businesses out there that use that word in their name or branding) and a professional, i.e. more costly service?

Here are things to look for:

- training in writing and grammar

- training in resume strategy

- hallmarks of success such as awards, being published

- affiliations with reputable organizations or associations

- examples of before and after resumes for your review

- the opportunity to call and ask questions

- the need to either complete a questionnaire, participate in a fact-finding interview, or BOTH

- "google" the company's name and see what comes up ... good stuff or complaints or nothing much?

Your next job literally hangs in the balance of your choice. Choose well and you may just land that dream job that pays you for your expertise; choose poorly and your career's trajectory may bomb!

I'm available to answer your questions. I truly champion my client's career success! - Stephanie