5 Tips to Beating Those Winter Blues

Spring is in the air - on the west coast at least! Yes, house flies are buzzing on our deck, little snowdrop shoots are budding, and one green stick-like plant has been sporting tiny yellow blooms for about a week now. (There is no winter on Vancouver Island, just a long fall.)

Nonetheless, with more rain and cloud than sun, I have to admit that my Seasonal Affective Disorder, which I haven't felt in some years, visits me the odd day. This article, linked below, reminded me of this.


I thought that I would share my strategies for coping:

1. If it's bad, try using a SAD light. Mine is made by Northern Light Technologies in Montreal. 15 minutes on a dull day is like sitting in the sun! Although I don't use it daily, I have been very glad to have it on those truly dull, dark and dismal west coast mornings.

2. Play great music! I have a collection of music that I love and play often, especially when my mood needs a pick-me-up. My faves are unusual - Canadian female vocals by Chic Gamine, and Northern Songs - canada's best & brightest is another. I couldn't exist without good music!

3. Stick to your routine. Whether it is summer or winter, stick to a working routine. I start work around 8am and keep at it until sometime between 4 and 5pm, depending on workload. Rain or shine, the routine keeps my productivity equalized!

4. I recently discovered the therapeutic benefit of making mandalas after taking a class with Sarah Clark (no relation, but now a dear and wonderful friend - see www.sarahclarkdesign.ca). I often begin my day with a half hour of this meditative art form.

5. My husband and I go out for a daily walk unless it's pouring rain, which it mostly isn't (it's more likely to drizzle on the west coast, than pour!) We walk to run errands or wander down to the harbour where we pass lots of people also out for their daily exercise, and most of whom kindly greet us with a hello! It's great to get out from behind the computer and gaze upon something other than the four yellow walls in my little office.

Winter blues are part of living in northern climes, but they can be dealt with. Thankfully I love what I do and blues or no, I am productive!I think we human beings are the most incredible creatures!