A Wondrous Way to Spice up Your Resume!

 I hear the disbelief now! "The words 'spice' and 'resume' in one phrase? Really?"

Yes! A resume can be spiced up - it can be downright spicey!

The problem is this: most Canadians are way too humble. They don't speak up about their abilities and refrain from tooting their own horn (they would certainly never blast it, no, a small toot is all they can muster!). And their resumes, which are supposed to be marketing documents, are b-o-r-i-n-g!!! Most resumes inspire a snooze-fest, not interest.

Here's an idea that might just rev things up a bit.

Give yourself permission to talk about yourself. This is in private, just you and a Word document or a piece of paper. And make yourself be a bit braggy. Don't panic, it's just for a while!

List that great job you did in catching up mounds of filing that no one wanted to tackle. Recall how your boss thanked you for saving his a** when you saved a major corporate account with your particular knack for schmoozing, listening and problem solving. Hear your mom's voice telling you how good you are at fixing stuff and how you're the one who gets assigned the toughest computer issues. (And thank mom while you're at it, won't you?)

Challenge yourself to come up with a long list. These are your accomplishments! Yes, we all have these. They are related to the accountabilities in our jobs and when captured on paper, they provide the sizzle to the steak.

Embrace this challenge and give yourself permission to brag, boast, and self-congratulate. Once you begin writing your resume, I guarantee you'll lose the boastfulness. But what will remain will be wondrous! Your resume will have a sprinkle of spiciness by communicating that you're a valuable employee!

transforming resumes from mediocre to spicy snapshots of wondrous careers! - Stephanie