Resume Before and After

Every now and then I have a client from a more unusual field of work. The client about which I am writing in this blog worked in the funeral industry for many years.

You may be thinking that this blog won't apply to your resume but it just might! This client had me write two resumes: one for working in his industry, and the other for branching out into non-relatedsales.

The industry-related resume contained all the buzz words appropriate for that field - presenting service options such as memorial books, printing, flowers and online services, and presenting product options such as caskets, burial valuts and urns!

The non-funeral industry sales resume did not mention any of that industry's terminology. It focused attention on the client's sales abilities. Here are a few bullets from that resume:

  • Converted 75% of potential clients into actual clients.
  • Generated an increase in revenues annually, from $2.9M (2001) to 3.35M (2011).

The tone also differed between the two resumes. The industry-specific language was tempered with an air of quiet professionalism, whereas the sales resume communicated accomplishments with bolded text and short, snappy bullets.

I really enjoy the problem solving challenge specific to a big change in career, such as this complete refocus from one industry to another.

Working to inspire career change for the better! - Stephanie