Ongoing Training

 There is great value in ongoing training. It's something I always ask clients about. "Is your resume up to date with training?" I ask. And I dig deeper by asking if self-study, day-long workshops, and online training have been included - learning is learning no matter how it is delivered or who delivers it!.

Many of my clients are true career transitioners who really need to include recent education in their strategy to move from, say, lawyer to ski instructor! Or tool and die maker to salesperson, truck driver or business owner.

I walk my talk as well with ongoing training! I do this so that I can speak with confidence to clients, knowing that what I propose is grounded in reality.

So this week, I spent two days in a virtual conference delivered by Career Thought Leaders Consortium. (Thank you Louise Kursmark and Wendy Enelow for your tremendous ground--breaking effort!)

Day 1 was dedicated to resume standards, and Day 2 delved into career coaching from a counselling aspect that related more to honouring one's calling and going bravely forth to train for, network into, and hold that dream job! This I strongly believe and choose to word it as "Everyone deserves meaningful work" - whatever the definintion of meaningful is to that person.

The days were packed with so much info that my brain cells swelled to capacity! Much of the info is now digested (the resume classes reminded me of how much I do know), and some has spurred lots of thought.

Here are a few nuggets that I can share right now:

  • LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job hunting.
  • Resumes are not going away, and there are many options beyond the resume. I have been creating these for clients for years, but it seems that they are now catching on as the need to stand out grows.
  • Knowing yourself, as in your personal brand, is critical. I send lots of clients to an easy but ultra-effective self-knowledge site that gives them the language with which to articulate how they do what they do. I learned that our industry's leading experts use the same site as I do!

Well, those are little teasers, I know. Stay tuned for more info as the days go on.

- Working and training to your success, Stephanie