Latest Trends in HR

In the recent conference that I attended (through Career Thought Leaders Consortium, to which I belong), we learned about the latest, greatest, newest of many things. The most powerful, from a job hunter's perspective, was the latest HR trends.

Delivered by an industry insider, the information was straight from the source - from a respected and recognized recruiter.

His first point was this: business is going global at a dizzying rate! What was once viewed as a compliance issue - diversity - is now viewed as a smart business strategy. Customers might be from anywhere, and they must be repesented. The working environment must promote creativity. The only advantage is now based on talent.

The second point was that learning agility is a growing requirement. Traditional I.Q. no longer cuts it. Better predictors of success reside in experience, motivation, technical abilities, and people skills, and the ability to synergize these, applying these to a new environment. Adaptability rules!

And lastly, leveraging analytics that provide proof for business strategies, as in bypassing the "I think" and going straight to "the data demonstrates," is critical for business success.

What does this mean to the average job hunter? That Human Resources will be instructed to keep these in mind. That you must learn to demonstrate your knowledge of, acceptance of, ability to incorporate these, appreciate these, embrace these in your own career management strategies.

How do you do this? Through self-study, mentorship, self-study or formal studies - any way that you can! Choose a method that you can afford, or that suits your style. Ignorance in this case is not bliss!

Consider yourself forewarned.

Adapting my own service to YOUR service! - Stephanie