Before and After Materials Management Resume

Most of my clients these days come through referrals. For example, some years ago a headhunter that I worked with sent me a client, and this client recently sent his son to me for a professional resume, and his son's boss then came to me as a client! Love it!

In materials management on large construction projects, the client's before resume was all about the tasks, ignoring the critical aspect of results.


"Supervise Material Management activities and group on the jobsite" it began.

"Oversee Material Receiving and Issuing of material to Contractors" it continued. (The capitalization is the client's.)

Here's a sample of the after version, taken from the client's profile:

Experience, to the supervisory level, in materials management of complex, multi-site construction sites

* Foster cooperation and team work in Joint Venture Partnerships

* Bring deep knowledge of Material Planning, “cradle to grave”: engineering requirements, procurement, logistics, material handling, data management, and construction scheduling

* Recognized for determination, fair-mindedness, positive “can-do” attitude, strength of leadership

The resume proves these statements and continues building this client's expertise and credentials for the job. I launched the subsequent bullets with strong verbs, for example: dealt decisively, bridged gap between, eliminated improper, instituted proper procedures and so on.

The changes take the resume from "so-so" to a high level of professionalism!

The client landed a job right away!

- working to advance YOUR career, Stephanie