Perception - is a resume "just" a resume?

When my husband and I first moved to Vancouver Island we were warned by Nanaimo-ites that the winter is cold, a damp cold they said, that gets right to your bones. We smiled our "I know" smile and shared "We are from Ontario where it reaches minus 20 or less, so we are quite familiar with cold."

And then we experienced that damp cold and yes, it cut right through to our bones. I was always cold, even while wearing an incredible number of layers!

Ah, perception! We ate humble pie.

And so it is with resumes. Most people, when they consider a resume, have in mind a simple document that requires typing. Easy-peasy, boring - a necessary evil.

But they don't know what they don't know! Are they including key words and phrases? Considering what today's Applicant Tracking Systems require? Have they defined their unique selling proposition, worked out a few CAR statements, or considered the need to "sell" the recruiter within 10 seconds? Likely not.

And yet, that's what it takes to stand out in today's competitive, technology-assisted recruitment process.

- on a mission to save the world from mediocre resumes, Stephanie