Great question about resume guarantees

Yesterday a new grad contacted me about my services. I love working with new grads because their careers are in such a vulnerable state! Take the wrong job or launch your job search with sub-optimal documents and poof! career aspirations go dry.

She had some great questions. "Some services offer a guarantee that if you don't land a job in 60 days, they will rewrite your resume."

Here is an abridged version of my reply:

I welcome all questions as my service is about quality and realistic expectations. Unless your focus changes between my writing and your job search, major tweaking won't be necessary - that's quality. As for realistic expectations, read on!
I don't offer that guarantee, and honestly don't know how anyone could. When you consider the variables, it would be impossible. Depending on the field of studies, for example, teaching, you might have to begin not as a full-time teacher, but in supply teaching. My clients land supply teaching jobs whereas others do not. Or social work is also highly competitive and requires incremental steps up that career ladder.
What if a new grad had unrealistic expectations and applied only to jobs that were step two on the career path, not step one? How could I possibly tweak that person's resume to match the requirements without being untruthful?
What if the new grad had two possible targets but only wanted one resume and then only found jobs in the second target area to apply to and used the resume that targeted the alternative position and thus didn't land any interviews?
What if the target job is elite and rare? (I had a forensic psychologist once who landed a few contracts, but it took a year to land a real job.)
As you can see, there are situations that could not meet that guarantee.
I do however send out a handout with the resume and cover that walks you through identifying the tweaks needed and incorporating them into the resume/cover letter. I also offer ongoing support as you launch your job search. (I haven't yet charged any client for  this privilege as all have been respectful of my time. Some ask a few more questions and others no questions and it all evens out at my end.)
Also, I assess the resume I create against an Applicant Tracking System to see how well it does, and tweak further to make sure your resume scores well. I cannot think of anything else that could be done to ensure success in landing interviews. Landing a job offer then relies on your interviewing skills (I offer interview coaching as well).
Every job search benefits from strategically composed documents - resume and cover - but each one requires unique approaches. That's the value in the New Leaf experience. No one size fits all methodology here.
- creating custom documents for the discriminating buyer who values quality and realism rather than meaningless guarantees - Stephanie