I Quit!

Before you get worried, no I am not quitting! Although I will admit that at times a steady paycheque looks mighty tempting; self-employment is a tough gig. I wear so many hats that some days I don't know which hat to put on next. Should I be the marketing department, the client support division, the operational improvements Kaizen leader or what!? Oh yes, I still have to make time to wear the money-generating resume writer hat!

It is, at times, overwhelming! But it gets done, and I haven't missed a promised deadline yet!

No, the "I Quit!" is the feeling I perceive from some of the folks who contact me, dismayed by months and months of job hunting with nary a call to an interview or even a pre-screening telephone interview. They wonder if I can help because they are ready to quit looking and sit in a dark basement, contemplating taking a job they would dislike, that requires none of their skill set and that pays minimum wage.

I would never counsel that dismal fate (I truly believe that everyone deserves meaningful work, and with reasonable expectations and strategic planning can achieve their preferred position), but I may counsel that they have to start all over before they will make progress.

That means that they must begin with a solid job search foundation: outstanding resume and cover letter. Here's why:

  • a strategic self-marketing package will force the job hunter to take a hard look, a deep investigation into the skills they possess, and how they've used these to benefit employers
  • a strategic resume must contain key words and phrases appropriate to the position applied to. otherwise it risks not meeting the requirements of the applicant tracking systems that are widely used these days
  • a cover letter must match the resume in quality, key word strategy, and not simply repeat the information or outline of the resume
  • both must not give a potential employer, recruiter, or resume reviewer any reason to toss the application aside. These reasons may include seemingly inconsequential things such as font size, font style, text density, lack of white space, spelling errors, skimpy information, untargeted information

The competition is substantial and unless you take a critical look at what you are sending out, and acknowledge that perhaps the reason you're not receiving calls lies in a lack of appreciation for today's resume/cover letter standards, you may indeed be tempted to call it quits.

Before you do that, consider calling New Leaf Resumes for some honest feedback. New Leaf Resumes is here to champion YOUR job search, champion YOUR skills and experience; after all, YOU deserve meaningful work!

- Always pleased to be of service, Stephanie