Powerful Steps to a Resilient Job Search

 I just posted a new article on my articles page. You might want to check it out.

I was inspired to post it because I have a client who is feeling low because her job hunt isn't going as she hoped.

There can be many reasons for job searches that take longer than expected. For example, an industry that is in decline or a state of flux. One of these is tool and die makers. Once a lucrative career choice, it is falling out of favour, or at least going through change as prefabricated manufacturing dies made in China are seriously impacting the need for made-from-scratch dies. I have helped several tool and die makers transition into new roles.

School teachers are also having a tough time, at least the new grads. They must begin as supply teachers, and even that is difficult to get into. The new grads who have come to me are thankfully employed as supply teachers and have gone on to land full-time contracts.

Social workers also have a tough time. Even Personal Support Workers, once a sure-bet for employment, is looking oversaturated these days.

Sometimes we have to re-evaluate our plan, and assess it against realistic expectations, market conditions, and our need for employment. Sometimes we have to change course and take a job that isn't our first choice ... and might even lag far behind first choice.

It's tough. But what we can do is find a way to make that job fulfilling in some way. Attitude plays a huge part in shifting gears. In my life, I have cut fabric, sold beads, make bagel sandwiches, mopped floors and worked the till. I also shelved library books, cleaned bathrooms, worked in a factory, and taught a pre-school!

In each job, I found a way to make it work for me, and if it didn't, I quickly found another job.

Do read the article; it holds a few genuine nuggets that might provide inspiration, hope and the energy to say "onward."

- supporting job hunters is an honour as "everyone deserves meaningful work," - Stephanie