Preparing for an Interview

Before I interview each client, I prepare. This involves reading over the client's homework, job postings, performance reviews, and other materials the client shared.  I do this about an hour before the interview, committing the details to a short term memory bank only! (Somehow my brain figures out how to store these details for short-term only; I couldn't say how this is done!)

With some senior or unusual clients, I begin early and even a day in advance, researching the role and industry so that I am familiar and aware of jargon or trends.

It takes time!

Similary, when you are called for an interview, you must prepare! MUST. No "ifs ands or buts" about it!

Many people don't know how to prepare. They have no concept of strategy in the interview. How sad, because quite often the candidate who interviews best receives the job offer. Not necessarily the best candidate - not the most experienced, the most credentialed, the most whatever - but the one who most impresses the interview team.

If you have had a few interviews, but no job offer, may I suggest that strategy will help? New Leaf offers a one hour session that provides you with actionable tools that teach you how to formulate an answer to whatever question is asked - the expected and the bizaare. Yes, even if asked "If you were an animal what animal would you be?" (as one of my clients was asked), you will have an idea of how to reply by applying strategic thinking!

I dedicate my career to your career's success, Stephanie