Wonderful News to Share!



I am proud to announce that just today I was informed that my submission to Career Thought Leaders, in application for the title of Master Resume Writer, was successful!

After almost seven years in full-time service, providing global clients with an ever-expanding assortment of career management documents, it feels awesome to be so recognized!

Here is an excerpt from the Career Thought Leaders website that defines the MRW:

The MRW is the world’s most elite resume writing credential, clearly signifying that an individual has mastered the art and science of resume writing – strategic approach, content development, formatting and design, English language and grammar, and other key elements of resume development. There are stringent requirements for both writing talent and years of experience to qualify for the MRW.

I am grateful for this recognition, and know that it was my own hard work, an innate talent for writing, as well as a passion for helping people build careers that earned me the right to call myself a Master Resume Writer.

No time to rest on my laurels, I will continue to pursue relevant training, and serve clients with an ever-increasing level of expertise. Onward!

- living my motto "Everyone deserves meaningful work," Stephanie