The Job Search 101

Today I met with a client with whom I have worked for awhile now. I don't usually meet with clients, but I certainly will if the client is willing to drive to meet me! (I am a reluctant driver - safe, but I don't love driving. And besides, I really need to be writing resumes, not driving!)

Let's call my client Sally. Now Sally is wonderful - personable, capable, lots of skills - but she is having trouble landing an offer. I would say that her major job search downfall is in not targeting her search and being passionately committed to one goal. Really needing a job, and yesterday, she is conducting a less-than-targeted job search, while also running her own small business, which further takes her away from the job search.

It's a fact that a targeted job search brings faster results! Yes, focus in and lock into a position in a specific industry and you'll achieve that goal much faster than with a "I can do any job if given the chance" strategy.

Two things you must - MUST - do before you begin are these:

1. Create a list - target an industry (or a few) and begin creating lists of prospective employers. Select employers to meet your criteria: location, size, culture. Don't leave this to chance!

2. Prepare your script - be ready to talk about yourself with examples of what makes you a great employee. Take into account a potential employer's "buying motivators." (If you don't know that term, "google" it and figure it out - it's critical!)

These are similar to sales professionals, and they work, because every job hunter is in sales - selling his or her own skills/experience/credentials/value to prospective employers who are in the market to buy these!

Need help? New Leaf Resumes is here to assist. Recently certified as a Master Resume Writer, and trained in interview coaching and career strategies, I am here to support your job search.

- Stephanie