The Blame Game

I recall a time, way back when, when I was looking for work. This was long before I knew what I know now! My resume was booorrring, my interview skills completely non-existent, my confidence equally lacking.

It took a long time, nine months as I recall, to land a job.

What do you do when looking? Do you find, as I did, people or things to blame? Recruiters who don't know what they are doing? Human Resource departments that are removed, unconcerned, very non-human in fact?

Or maybe the phase of the moon!? Astrology, the tides, whatever?

It's tempting to play that blame game, but guess what? It doesn't get you working faster! Much better to apply some problem solving to your dilemma to figure out what isn't working and then figure out how to fix it!

If you're not landing interviews, your resume is a dud. If you're landing interviews but after two or three interviews, no offers, your interview skills could use some strategy. And if you're landing jobs and getting canned, well, either you're a great talker who can't deliver or your ego is getting you in trouble!

I can't help with egos, but I can help with resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles (and many other career related documents), and with interview skills. And recently recognized as a Master Resume Writer, your work would be in truly expert hands. I've always been devoted to helping my clients, but now I have official recognition!

- working hard on your behalf, Stephanie