General Manager's Before and After Resume

 Recently I wrote a resume for a General Manager.

Many resumes read like a position description, that is, the resume is written in the 3rd person and lists the duties the position demands, for example:

  • Lead manages and supervises all business operations staff.
  • Conduct performance reviews and coaching.
  • Analyzes and monitors all financial activities.

These are the first three bullets that introduced my client's first position, and launched the resume. I have a few issues with these! First of all, the word "lead" is a first-person verb and the other verbs - manages and supervises are in the 3rd person. And there should be a comma at least between the first and second verb as in "Leads, manages and supervises etc." I also find the use of the qualifier "all" to be unnecessary. What does it add? The second statement uses a 1st person and the third returns to a 3rd person! Oh my!

Needless to say my client's after resume goes wayyyyy beyond this approach!

Here is a snippet of the after:

Rather than jump right onto the positions held, I added a profile or summary that begins

"Exceptional administrator with deep fiscal knowledge, and more than 5 years of experience in directing staff, administrating operating and capital budgets, leading special projects with decisive action, and articulately liaising with multiple stakeholders."

I then proved all of these in the content of the resume with snapshots of projects contributed to, launched with bullets that began, for example:

  • Realignment of customer service and operations: (and details)
  • Inventory control: (and details)
  • Development of policy and procedures: (and details)
  • and a few more!

In the details I added his role in the projects (as lead or trusted, invited resource), what the project meant to the company, and what it meant to its customers. My client has since sent me a referral, an I.T. colleague with whom I am scheduled to work this week.

My client's "after" resume proves the value he brought to his employers through his close staff supervision and focus on performance, his attention to the need for competitive strategies, and his fiscal prudence.

By the way, the 3rd Edition of Best Canadian Resumes will be published later this year, and several of my samples will be included.

- dedicated to improving career management by writing exceptional resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles (and many other career management documents), and by improving interviewing skills, Stephanie