Networking is Dead

I really like talking to a person one-on-one; the thought of mingling and schmoozing in a large group may make me break out in hives or generate a large growth on my nose - really, it terrifies. It's my equivalent of having to beat the fellow in the photo on the left in outrageous performances!

That's why, when the publisher of Networking is Dead - Making Connections That Matter, asked me to review this new book, I said "of course"!

Published by Benbella Books Inc. out of Dallas, Texas, it is authored by Melissa G. Wilson of Networlding (provides relationship selling, marketing and management to leading organizations) and Larrry Mohl, Chief Innovation Officer of Peformance Inspired, Inc. (assists organizations increase performance by activating proven "drivers of inspiration").

The book is written in the popular "business fable" style, making it an easy read. It is like eaves-dropping on a series of conversations in the form of lessons - it literally walks you through a process. I am taking my time, learning and absorbing, and am on Lesson 3 out of 10.

But I have been challenged to define, along with the book's students, Meredith and Lance, my "why." You know, that deep and rich reason that has inspired each of us to do what we do.

Here's the preliminary "why" that I have come up with:

I love writing and that led me to writing resumes, cover letters, biographies and more. That focus in turn led me to explore career management in general. Having struggled with a non-existent career myself at one time, knowing what I now know and having seen it work so powerfully for my clients, I am eager to let people know that yes, it is possible to get ahead, to overcome career obstacles and reach your goal, however you define it.

Now my challenge will be to whittle that down into a more succinct communication. And I have a feeling that with lessons yet to come, it will change a bit before I finish this instructive book.

What does this have to do with networking you ask? Patience eager student! :-) You can hardly choose good connections if you cannot articulate what makes you tick! We are early in the lessons yet.

This book comes at an ideal time, as I re-establish connections in South-western Ontario, having returned after a few years away.

If you are at all wary of networking and would really rather have your eyebrows plucked than attend a networking event, stay tuned. Given the level of expertise the book's writers bring, I am sure we will learn valuable non-large-event-based networking lessons!Join me again as I make progress.

- reading books and staying on top of current topics to make sure Your job search is effective, Stephanie :-)