Focus Pocus!

I subscribe to many blogs and newsletters. Many are related to career management topics, but some are just for me. One of these is Kelvin Ringold's Vitamin K Daily Dose of Positive.

For those who know me, you'll know that I am pretty good at finding that silver lining, and some would even say I am a skilled daydreamer! I'm a bit of a paradox though, as I am equally as likely to think of a fantastic outcome as I am to consider the worst possible outcome! I have no explanation for that. :-)

But I enjoy starting my day in the right frame of mind. Kelvin's daily blog has me bopping to songs (Celebrate, by Rare Earth, is a favourite - here's a YouTube link: - enjoy, I just did!!) and thinking about my inherent worth as a human being, or considering something more serious, like attitude. I am grateful that his words leave me with a smile on my face and pep in my step!

Today's dose of Vitamin K had the memorable phrase "Focus Pocus" and I knew that was worth sharing. Kelvin graciously gave me permission and here is the paragraph to give you context:

Focus pocus! Take control of your thoughts. Breathe deeply, calm down, get back to pleasant. Change your vibration... and watch things stabilize. After all, YOU are the captain of your ship... the driver of your vehicle -- your MENTAL vehicle, too.

Now sit back, watch the "road signs" and make sure you're headed where you think you're headed.

Now, enjoy the ride.

I think that's one of the best "attitude adjusters" I have ever read! And here's a link to Kelvin's website for those who want to start their day with music, positivity, and the right attitude!

- committed to spreading hope and practical ideas to job hunters, Stephanie